Dylan Pfeiffer

Dylan Pfeiffer

Broker Associate ABR®, MRP, RCE   
    • Parker Office
      18551 Mainstreet #207
      Parker, CO 80134

1) What is your height? 5'10".

2) Where are you from? Chicago, Illinois.

3) What is your zodiac sign? Aries.

4) Do you have any kids? Yes, I have full custody of my seven year old son.

4) What country would you most like to visit? Australia.

5) Dogs or Cats? Dogs.

6) What was your favorite subject in High School? History.

7) Summer or Winter? Summer!

8) What would you sing at Karaoke night? Journey- Don't Stop Believin'

9) If you had to describe yourself as an animal, which one would it be? A Lion.

10) What was your favorite activity in gym class? Dodgeball.

11) Who is the most intelligent person you know? Robert Pfeiffer. (My dad)

12) Would you rather vacation in Hawaii or Alaska? Hawaii, Alaska would be fun too but I live in Colorado. So I do all my hiking and mountain activities here. If I'm going to go on vacation it's going to be on a beautiful warm tropical beach.

13) What is the spark feature that has helped you the most? My parents, they are both Realtors and they are the main reason why I am where I am today. Not only with being the very best teachers for my career but just being there for me and forming me into the unique, fun, intelligent, humorous, and hard working father that I am today.

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